Kanpur woman throws 18-day-old nephew from third floor

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Sept. 6 : In an inhumane act, a lady in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur city threw her 18-day-old nephew from the third floor of the hospital.

As per speculations, the lady, who has three daughters, committed the act as she thought that his birth would lower her status in the family.

The child, however, survived the fall. The CCTV footage clearly shows the woman walking out of the ward with the infant. After committing the horrific act, she placed a towel shaped like a child in her lap and walked inside.

When the distraught family couldn't find the child anywhere, they called the police. One of the ward boys heard the infant cry and was finally able to locate the child. While he himself got hurt in the process, he said that safety of the child was his utmost priority. The infant was found hanging by a net and was rushed back to the hospital. The woman, however, did not disclose the reasons behind her act..

Source: ANI