Kashmera Shah, Donal Bisht unite with designer Rohit Verma to aid sex workers

Mumbai, Oct 5 : Fomer Bigg Boss contestant Rohit Verma has come joined hands with actresses Kashmera Shah and Donal Bisht to help sex workers.

Rohit, a fashion designer, has decided that 25 per cent of the amount from his Sonagachi collection, will be donated to aid education of sex workers.

Kashmera and Donal are the faces of the collection.

Sonagachi is a red-light district in Kolkata and, lauding the "soul, the heart and the indomitable spirit of life" on the locality, Rohit dedicated the collection to the "murkiest place of the world where the sun never fails to shine, the air never fails to rustle and the rain never fails to patter".

"Let us all touch them through empathy, kind words and revere for what they are. Let's make a difference, you and me, and accept them for what or who they are. They deserve respect and humanity; they are a creation of this universe just like you and me...Sonagachi where the battle is ongoing and the struggle to live comes with a price every moment," he said.



Source: IANS