Kashmir issue must be resolved as per the UN resolutions: Sharif

Islamabad [Pakistan], Oct.24 : Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday said that the Kashmir issue must be resolved, according to the United Nations resolutions as per the commitments made by the Indian Government.

Sharif made the remarks during a meeting with United Kingdom's National Security Adviser Mark Lyall Grant in Islamabad on Monday, reports Radio Pakistan.

Asserting that the issue of Kashmir is the core issue between the two Asian neighbours, he said that it is high time that long standing Kashmir issue is resolved.

Sharif claimed that Pakistan is a peace loving country and pursues the policy of maintaining friendly relationships with all its neighbours.

Appreciating Pakistan Prime Minister's policy of reaching out to the neighbouring countries for establishing cordial relationships with them, The British National Security Advisor said that they encourage and support his efforts for peaceful cooperation with the neighbouring countries.

Acknowledging the huge sacrifices made by the armed forces, police and other law enforcing agencies in the war against terrorists, Grant said that the commitment of government and security forces, supported by the people of Pakistan have resulted into phenomenal victory against terrorism.

Sharif while speaking to Managing Director of International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde in Islamabad said that his country has achieved economic stabilization due to comprehensive reforms.

He asserted that his government is focused on increasing the economic growth and then taking it to the next level.

The Prime Minister claimed that his government has achieved major successes in the fields of economy and energy and elimination of terrorism.

He added that the networks of terrorists have been dismantled and the remnant elements are being chased out.

On Afghanistan, Sharif said that Pakistan desires peace in the neighboring country as it is in the interest of entire region.

Meanwhile, Lagarde appreciated the Sharif led government's economic policies and the economic stabilization it achieved in the short term.

Source: ANI