Kashmiri girls stuck in Delhi sent back to Kashmir

New Delhi, April 30 : Seven Kashmiri girls stranded in Delhi's Hauz Khas area have been evacuated and sent to Kashmir with the help of civil society members.

The girls had made a video that they were distressed and have no money and girls complained that their landlord had already taken rent from them and that they can't bear living away from their homes.

The girls were distressed as they were under constant pressure from the landlord to vacate the house.

These girls were pursuing education in different fields and and buses were arranged for them to go home.

Shakilur Rahman a social activist said that "after seeing the video our team contacted the girls and got in touch with authorities in Kashmir and got permission from them."

Rahman said that Assam MP Badruddin Ajmal and ex-J (and) K minister Altaf Bukhari helped them to get necessary clearance.



Source: IANS