Kashmir’s first COVID-19 patient returns home

Srinagar, April 2 : Although there are 48 active COVID-19 cases in Kashmir, which is the highest in the country given the number of positive cases per million, there is also a silver lining to this dark cloud.

Kashmir's first positive case, the 65-year-old woman from downtown Srinagar is completely cured and is back home where she would now follow the mandatory quarantine of 14 days or 28 days as advised by the doctors.

Before she was discharged from the Sher-e-Kashmir institute of medical sciences (SKIMS) Srinagar, doctors said she tested negative for the virus twice.

All her contacts have also fortunately tested negative.

She had returned to Srinagar after the 'Umrah' pilgrimage from Saudi Arabia on March 16.

A controversy was woven around her by saying that she had escaped screening at Srinagar airport because of her IPS son-in-law who used influence to sneak her out without screening.

The officer, a local, not only denied the report, but also volunteered along with his family to go into self-quarantine.

With the woman leaving the hospital fully cured, the controversy unnecessarily raked around her son-in-law serving the police department must settle down for good.

The fact that this woman was cured even when age was not on her side also kindles hope in hundreds of COVID-19 patients in the country.

Majority of contacts of COVID-19 cases are testing negative.

This fact is not being highlighted because fear and consternation keeps us focused on the bad news.

Most people in J (and) K are of the opinion that the media must also focus on good news while cautioning people against the scourge of coronavirus.

"We can win this global war provided we stand united and stand determined that we have no option, but to defeat the Pandemic.

"A positive mindset, a scientific approach to patient treatment and prevention of community transmission are our best weapons to shoot down the virus", said Dr.

Parvaiz Koul, a noted local pulmonologist.



Source: IANS