Katy Perry opens up on her split with Orlando Bloom in 2017

Los Angeles, Aug 6 : Katy Perry and actor Orlando Bloom are now a happy couple, but they have gotten through a lot of hell, says the singer.

"It's really about an individual journey that makes the whole thing better.

We both had to decide to go on that journey separately because it's not my half and your half that makes a whole," Perry told people.com.

"It's my wholeness and your wholeness that makes this whole thing happen."

In the track "Champagne problems", Perry sings about overcoming their toughest times.

"It's a song that really talks about how intense it's gotten and how many things we have had to go through.

Yes, we have problems. Everybody has challenges in a relationship," she said.

"If it's a real relationship, it's going to challenge you into your best self.

I really understand what Justin Timberlake said about, 'You're my mirror', because it's true. They bring up all this stuff you can't really see about yourself," she added.

The singer, who was earlier married to comedian Russell Brand, said she and Bloom have found a steadiness that has become the foundation of their relationship.

"It's a never-ending evolution, so it's not peachy-keen jelly bean all the time, but it's nice to have been able to show each other all the good, bad and everything in between, and really fight for our best selves," she said.

"Now, we just joke, like yeah, we still have things to work out -- but champagne problems! We've gotten through a lot of hell," she added.



Source: IANS