Keaton used own clothes for ugly outfit scene

Los Angeles, May 12 : Director Bill Holderman says actress Diane Keaton used her personal clothes in "Book Club" for a scene that required an ugly outfit.

"We were shooting the scene where Diane was supposed to put on an ugly outfit and her friends are like, 'No, No, No! You can't wear that.

We're going to take that to Goodwill'. On the day of rehearsal, the jacket we had was too elegant, the joke didn't work," Holderman said in a statement to IANS.

He added: "Diane is like, `Okay, I'm going to go home'. She races off and 10 minutes later she brought out all of these incredible pieces of clothing, one of which is in the film.

The poncho that she comes out in, that beautiful thing that we make fun of? it's actually from some very famous designer who is probably going to be really upset that we put this in the movie.

She solved the problem herself. She just goes and does it.

"What she's not is shy. And she's not careful about is sharing her opinions when she has one. She likes to make you know where she stands."

In the film, Keaton (Diane), Fonda (Vivian), Candice Bergen (Sharon) and Mary Steenburgen (Carol) play successful older women getting back into the dating world thanks to the erotic thriller trilogy "Fifty Shades of Grey".

The film is being brought to India by PVR Pictures and will open on May 18.



Source: IANS