Kejriwal launches new street light scheme in Delhi

New Delhi, Sep 23 : In a move to enhance women's safety in the capital, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday announced a new scheme for installing street lights at unlit dark spots across the city.

To be called 'Mukhyamantri Street Light Yojana', the scheme will ensure that 2.1 lakh street lights are installed across the city to light up dark spots from November 1 with a budget of Rs 100 crore.

Speaking to the media, Kejriwal said the street lights will be installed at locations on the lines of CCTV installation, unlike the street lights installed by the local bodies.

Under the scheme, the people can contact the area MLA to designate the spots where they wish to have street lights installed.

"Our aim is to ensure that there are no dark spots in the city so that women feel safe and protected.

The way we installed the CCTVs, we will also instal the street lights," Kejriwal told reporters.

He said that no permission from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is required for the installation of these street lights.

"The three discoms (distribution companies) will be responsible for the maintaince and installation of the lights.

Each discom will have to install 70,000 LED lights of 20 and 40 watts," he added.

These lights will be equipped with sensor technology so that they can sense the ambient light.

"Any resident of Delhi can give the permission to install street lights by signing a letter.

They have to give electricity connections from their houses and a fixed amount will be reduced from their bills," he said.

Kejriwal said he is hopeful that people will come out for the street light scheme just like "they came out for the CCTV scheme".



Source: IANS