Kestone completes 20 years, aims to expand operations globally

New Delhi [India], Mar 6 : Kestone IMS, an integrated marketing services provider, announced its completion of 20 years in the industry.

With a turnover of over Rs. 100 crore, the company targets to grow five fold in the next five years with a disruptive approach. With a strong base in India and Singapore, Kestone aims to expand its global operations to Malaysia, Indonesia and Dubai as the next markets.

To commemorate the landmark, the agency launched a new campaign titled '#WayMoreKestone,' bringing in a fresh look for the brand emphasizing on its seamless customer commitment helping build brands.

The campaign featured a series of internal and external activities across social media platforms highlighting key benchmarks and recognizing employees and key customers who have been instrumental in the rewarding journey.

Kestone's expertise lies in designing and engineering ideas that form an integral part of an accurate marketing mix.

With expertise in various diversified verticals like manpower, events, training, CEP, marcom and digital marketing, Kestone is empowered to launch a brand, promote it on both offline and online media, manage back end sales and CRM functions, hire and galvanize a trained sales force on ground.

"Our rebranding exercise represents our strive to act as the central pillar for brands and help retain our customers' faith serving as the arch in promoting the brands.

In the next five years, we plan to disrupt the sales and marketing space through a never before experienced integrated solution and innovation.

This is going to bring a change in the way marketing is done across industries," said Piyush Gupta, President, Kestone IMS.

Source: ANI