KGMU to start genome sequencing for new Covid strain

Lucknow, Jan 15 : The King George Medical University (KGMU) in Lucknow is starting genome sequencing for a new strain of the novel coronavirus on a larger scale.

This exercise for the identification of strain, will not only assist in determining the variety and severity of the strain but will also help in providing better treatment and management of Covid.

Amita Jain, head of Department of Microbiology, had said that earlier that with the help of Genome Sequencer Machine, samples of 10 corona-positive patients have been examined.

But after the purchase of reagent kits, samples on a larger scale can be examined.

"We have tested ten samples of patients suffering from coronavirus, fortunately, not a single sample with new strain was detected.

After the purchase of the reagent kits required to analyse the genetic material of novel coronavirus, we will be able to test more samples every day.

"This sample test will only examine the new strain of coronavirus in the patient," she said/

Jain explained that genome sequencing is mandatory to check which strain is present in the patient suffering from Covid-19.

For this, firstly an RT-PCR test of the patient will be done, if the report comes positive then the sample will be examined to identify the strain present in the patient.

Earlier, the samples were sent to Pune for the test but now after the availability of the reagent kits in Uttar Pradesh, samples will be examined in the state.

Apart from the KGMU, genome sequencing study will also start at the Bananas Hindu University, CDRI and NBRI.

The first COVID-19 test lab named 'BSL Level three lab', in Uttar Pradesh, was established in the Department of Microbiology, KGMU, Lucknow, which has set a record in Covid testing.

So far, over 11 lakh samples have been tested in the laboratory.



Source: IANS