KhelPlay’s poker tournaments and events a big hit in Indian metro cities

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 1 (ANI-BusinessWireIndia): KhelPlay played proud host to Live Poker Events at National Sports Club of India, one of Mumbai's premier sports Institutions and Bombay Connect, one of Mumbai's acclaimed co-working spaces.

Both the events which saw a high footfall gave enthusiasts the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the popular card game of Poker.

KhelPlay had also previously conducted similar such Live Poker Events and Tournaments at Mumbai's flamboyant Mediterranean restaurant, Little Door, Bombay Bronx - an iconic food and drink joint located in the heart of Mumbai and famed locales in the cities of Hyderabad and Delhi.

Held amidst the prevailing noisy ambience at each of these places, all of the Live Poker events witnessed enthusiastic participation by Poker enthusiasts spanning different age groups and encompassing India's vast geographical landscape.

Primarily meant to be a conditioning session aimed at acquainting Poker enthusiasts with the intricacies of Poker game play, the Live Poker Tournaments and events were organized at the behest of Sachar Gaming Pvt Ltd., operator of one of the leading online Poker platforms in India - KhelPlay.

Online Poker in India is currently in the midst of a boom, primarily finding a lot of takers amongst metropolitan audiences possessing a lot of disposable income.

The online Poker Market in India is estimated to be worth around (Dollar) 150 million. Despite having enjoyed success through the centuries as a popular card game, adverse cultural attitudes have come in the way of Poker being adopted as a means of enjoying pure unadulterated fun, which is quite ironic considering that popular culture is full of references to this beautiful old card game, be it in movies, books, plays, etc.

It is in this prevailing scenario that KhelPlay has sought to dispel wrong notions that Players may have about the game by encouraging them to take it up en masse at popular locations as also on its online platform - KhelPlay.

KhelPlay's Live Poker events conducted at various venues across India have been a huge hit. On the back of its success, KhelPlay would look to collaborate with fancy restaurants and joints frequented by youngsters and hold more such Live Poker Tournaments and events in the future in cities across India.

Currently, users can log on to KhelPlay's online platform to enjoy different variants of the game such as Texas Hold'em, Omaha Pot Limit, Omaha Hi-Lo, Blaze Poker and Razz amongst others which can be played for free or cash.

Thousands of Indian Players are part of the online poker bandwagon at KhelPlay where they can match up their online poker skills against players with diverse skill levels to win from among a wide variety of Prizes.

Head of Marketing at Bombay Connect, Rachna Vyas, shared her views on KhelPlay Fiesta Poker Event at Bombay Connect - "As a game which has become the hallmark of the intelligentsia and synonymous with the fledgling metropolitan audience, Poker has become intermeshed with the cultural identity of big cities across the globe, and Mumbai, definitely counts one amongst those cities.

We are happy that we got the opportunity to play host to KhelPlay Fiesta." "The overwhelming response we received to the live Poker event was an indication of widening audience interest in Poker.

We hope that Card Enthusiasts were presented with a compelling enough case to take up this beautiful card game - if they hadn't yet - which can be enjoyed in its myriad forms, what with the beer flowing and the high-stakes action that unfolded at each of these Poker events! Concerns regarding the game's legitimacy as an activity that can be freely pursued across India have always come in the way of its widespread acceptance.

In this light, it is hoped that KhelPlay Tournaments would serve to stimulate user interest and lead to the mushrooming of a 'Poker culture' across India.

Not just Poker, but even co-working spaces such as ours would stand to benefit from this." Renowned stand-up comedian and actor, Kanan Gill, who was among the Event attendees at Bombay Connect shared his views - "It would be nice to see more such Live Poker Tournaments and Events being held regularly in clubs across Mumbai and elsewhere.

As someone used to of hopping from city to city, I would be keen on giving online Poker platform, KhelPlay, a try." Winner of KhelPlay Fiesta at Bombay Connect, Ravi added - "I am thrilled at winning in KhelPlay Fiesta.

Poker is a very popular card game, and Mumbaikars are seen to be increasingly taking to online Poker in India.

We'd like to see Major Poker Tourneys such as WPT, World Series of Poker, etc., being held in Mumbai as well.

After attending KhelPlay Fiesta at Bombay Connect, I am all the more keen on taking up Poker professionally".


Source: ANI