Kiara Advani, Bani J feature in Raja Kumari’s new track ‘I’m a Rebel’

Mumbai, March 1 : With International Women's Day coming up on March 8, actresses Kiara Advani and Bani J, along with rapper Raja Kumari, have released a track titled "I'm a Rebel", which focuses on women's empowerment and gender equality.

Pitched as an anthem for the feminist movement, Kumari uses wit and irony to protest against society's opinionated contempt towards women and champions the unapologetic feminine tribe, their avant-garde individuality and their will to defy convention and break the rules.

"I've always considered myself a rebel in my music choice, my career and my unapologetic nature! I loved crafting these lyrics to depict that energy and I'm so happy to be joined by so many strong women like Bani J and Kiara on this campaign.

I hope everyone enjoys the song as much as we did making it!" Kumari says.

The music video of the song was shot in Los Angeles and Mumbai, and it features powerful women figures including MMA professional Sanika Patil, gender fluid artist and sculptor Durga Gawde and television actress Ayesha Adlakha among others, apart from Bani and Kiara.

"For me it's always been about living your life on your own terms, being comfortable in your own skin and not caring about what the world thinks.

If, society calls me a rebel for me being myself and breaking down walls and the laws written on them, then, well, at least, I know I stand for something.

I want to inspire the next generation of women to believe in themselves and let go of the inhibitions and conditioning they have been raised with, and embrace living unrestrained," says Kiara.

"I continue to get trolled for being the strong, independent, downright bada** woman I am.

People tell me to look more feminine, to behave like a woman, to stop getting tattooed and building muscle or I'll soon be an outcast But I'm not here to cater to anyone's definition of what I should be or be pigeonholed into a particular conditioning," adds Bani.



Source: IANS