The Pied Piper


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pied1 Hamelin was a small but very rich town that stood on the banks of the river Wiser, many years ago. People of the town though wealthy were very greedy and stingy.
Shopkeepers sold their goods at very high prices; landlords took away all the food that the poor farmers grew, leaving nothing for their families.
More rich the noblemen grew, more selfish they became and spent most of their time counting their money again and again. These greedy people thought the time and money they spent on their pets could be put to better use and got rid of all their pets by driving the dogs and cats out of their town with brooms and sticks. pied2
pied3 With no cats or dogs in the town, the rats made merry. Thousands of rats came into the town in groups and ransacked the houses for food. They even attacked shops and storehouses and ate everything they saw.
These strong and fearless rats were difficult to be stopped. A meeting was called by the Town Council to find out means of killing the rats but found that even the strongest poison would do no harm. Even as the Councillors were discussing the problem a stranger entered the Council chambers with a flute in his hand. pied4


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