Kim K supports Blac Chyna during naked pregnancy shoot

Washington D.C. [USA], Aug. 30 : Kim Kardashian was recently spotted supporting and guiding soon to be sister-in-law Blac Chyna during her naked pregnant magazine photo shoot.

As per an E!Online report, Kim first posed naked for the magazine cover almost two years ago "Kim actually came by the shoot, which was really nice to see her giving encouragement to Chyna and talking to her," said Abby Schreiber, the editor of the Magazine.

Adding, "Kim came on set that day in L.A. and hung out for a little while. They were chatting and it was funny because I was at the shoot in L.A. and before I left New York to head out there we thought it would be fun to bring a couple copies of the latest issues of Paper and of course I had to bring a copy of the Break the Internet issue because I just wanted to give them to Chyna and it's kind of funny that Kim actually turned up and low and behold her magazine was on the table." She further vouched that the 35-year-old reality TV star was totally supportive during her visit to the set.

"They spent a lot of time sort of having a private moment so I wasn't privy to what they talked about but my impression was she came to kind of give her support and encouragement and advice I would imagine," she said.

While Chyna's fiance Rob Kardashian was not present during the shoot, her three-year-old son King Cairo was there.

Talking about the idea behind Chyna's nude pictorial, Schreiber said, "Obviously we knew she was pregnant and we worked with our fabulous photographer Charlotte Rutherford who has worked with us a few times before.

We brainstormed with her some ideas and she put together a mood board that kind of highlights Chyna's pregnancy and kind of had a style in very sort of feminine, elegant way that definitely incorporated nudity and was sexy but was done in a very sort of elegant, classic way.It wasn't like in your face sexy.".

Source: ANI