Kitchen is run by discipline, passion: Chef Vikas Khanna

Mumbai, Nov 19 : Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna finds discipline one of the most necessary traits for success.

According to him, be it the culinary world or any other profession, if a person is disciplined, he or she will definitely become successful in career.

Explaining the benefits of a disciplined life, Vikas told IANS: "My health mantra is discipline and staying calm.

I get tied up in multiple projects at one time and I feel like I can only make correct decisions with a calm frame of mind.

This mantra has helped me survive on very tough days.

"When I am working on influential catering events, the work gets very aggressive and if one is not fed well, there is a possibility that one may not perform.

In the worst situations, you just need to shut yourself down for a few minutes before you start work. Kitchen is not simply run by passion but by discipline. Combining discipline and calmness gets me through the tough days."

Vikas, who was earlier part of the food show "MasterChef India", has now come up with a new web series titled "Kitchen, Khanna (and) Konversations".

Sponsored by Quaker India, the show will see Vikas cooking up healthy meals with several rising Bollywood stars and social media personalities.

Through his new show, Vikas wants to create awareness about nutritious meals among the youth as he feels youth is the spirit of the country.

Talking about the show, the 47-year-old added: "our focus remains to create people's favourite breakfast dishes by adding a health angle to it by using oats.

One can use whole oats, regular steel-cut oats or oat powders. The recipes, however, will not be too complex, we are going to focus on home cooked recipes or recipes for people with a packed lifestyle who would not wish to compromise on health."

Vikas also stressed on the importance of breakfast in an individual's daily routine and shared that he doesn't leave his home without eating a proper breakfast.

He said: "Even though I may have a busy schedule and I end up sleeping as late as 3 a.m.

because I work according to different time zones, therefore I do not leave my apartment without eating breakfast.

If I skip breakfast, it starts affecting my mood and health and eventually my day.

"A good and hearty breakfast meal should include proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium.

My whole day functions according to the breakfast I've had. Even if I leave my home very early in the morning, I make sure I've eaten something good and nutritious."



Source: IANS