Kulu – Travel in India


KULU is known as the valley of Gods, and is 240 kms from Shimla. Kulu is located on the Western Himalayan side. Situated on the banks of the River Vyas in the lap of the Himalayas, it is well known for its cultural festivals, apple orchards and its shawls. This valley is 80 km long and 2 kms. wide. The festival of Dusserha is celebrated for a week here, with great festivity. 1219 metres above sea level, Kulu’s natural beauty is at its peak in the spring season.


Tourist Season : The best time is from mid March to mid November. October is the season of Dusserha.


Local Transport : The local people run taxis, jeeps and buses.


Tourist’s Choice:


Manikaran: 45 km from Kulu, one sees many beautiful waterfalls en route. This spot is famous for its hot springs. Here there is a Gurudwara and an old Shiva Temple.


Mandi: This is also called the Gateway of Kulu. The temples of Taradevi, Triloknath and Panchan vej are worth visiting.


Temple of Bijli Mahadev: Situated 14 km from Kulu, one has to trek 11 kms up the mountain to reach Bijli Mahadev . Kulu is clearly visible from here.


Kasol: A beautiful picnic spot on the banks of the river Parvathi, it is 42 kms from Kulu . The white sands that run along both the banks of the river, enhance its beauty.


Cataran: 20 km from Kulu, Cataran is famous for its apple orchard and its apiaries.Like all other sites around Kulu, Cataran is also an attractive place.


Nagar: This place was the capital of Kulu for approx.1400 years. 28 km from Kulu, on the banks of the river Vyas, it is 300 Mts. above sea level. In the forts here, Russian artist Nicholas Rorik’s art is worth viewing. The temples here are also worth visiting. One temple is famous for its intricate work in wood.