Kuwait imposes visa ban on five Muslim-majority nations including Pak

Moscow [Russia], Feb. 2 Following the Muslim ban in the U.S., Kuwait has now suspended the issuance of visas for travellers native to Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran.

Tourism, trade, and visitor visas from the above mentioned nations have been restricted following an order from the Kuwaiti Government to slap a "blanket ban" on possible migrants, according to Sputnik News.

The Kuwaiti Government has asked would-be migrants from the five banned nations not to apply for visas, as Kuwait City is worried about the possible migration of radical Islamic terrorists.

A group of militants bombed a Shia mosque in 2015, killing 27 Kuwaiti nationals. A 2016 survey conducted by Expat Insider ranked Kuwait one of the worst nations in the world for expatriates, primarily due to its strict cultural laws.

Kuwait was the only nation to prohibit the entry of Syrian nationals prior to Trump's executive action.

Kuwait City previously issued a suspension of visas for all Syrians in 2011..

Source: ANI