Kylie Jenner’s ‘secret’ pregnancy gave Kris anxiety

Los Angeles, Sep 25 : Reality TV star Kylie Jenner secret pregnancy gave her mother Kris Jenner "anxiety", but it was a positive experience for the entire family.

At last, Kylie's pregnancy is being openly discussed on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", reports

The Sunday episode of the show chronicled the new mother welcoming her first child, daughter Stormi, with rapper Travis Scott on February 1.

When the day arrived, Kylie chose to have just her mother Kris and sister Khloe in the delivery room with her, in addition to Scott.

While the other sisters may have been disappointed to be left out, they were mostly relieved that they wouldn't be blamed if the secret got out.

"Kylie is about to have her baby and it's pretty crazy that it really hasn't been confirmed. So I don't want to be the one with the info, or getting blamed for someone finding out the secret," said Kourtney, 39.

Kim, 37, marveled that her little sister had some amazing friends for having kept the news under wraps all those months.

"Can you believe that Kylie got out of the hospital with not one report?" she said.

"Now Caitlyn (Jenner) can never say we have big mouths and we leak everything. We kept that a secret!"

Momager Kris, 62, admitted keeping a lid on the news wasn't easy.

She said: "That was a lot of anxiety for me.

People were saying, 'We're going to post, we're going to announce,' and I'm like, 'No!' But she did it perfectly and it was such a positive experience for her."

"Totally," Kim said.

"Everyone was just like, 'Okay, we get it.

We get why you kept it private.' Kylie's always wanted to be a mom, so this is really exciting for her.

She just didn't want anyone changing her happy moment and her happy pregnancy, so I'm really proud of her that she stuck to her guns and was able to tell her story her way."



Source: IANS