Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Tokyo Century and Yonden Engineering complete 14.5MW solar power plant

Tokyo [Japan], Dec.2 : An enterprise jointly established by Kyocera Corporation, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc., Tokyo Century Corporation and Yonden Engineering Company Incorporated has announced the completion of a 14.5-megawatt solar power plant in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan.

The installation, which began operation on November 2, will generate an estimated 16,060 megawatt hours (MWh) per year - enough electricity to power approximately 4,930 typical households.

Kyocera, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo Century and Yonden Engineering began project planning in May 2013 based on candidate sites disclosed by Hyogo Prefecture.

The companies established Takacho Yasudago Mega Solar Hatsuden LLC in October 2014, and commenced construction after obtaining approval for land development in March 2015.

The system began selling electricity on November 2 this year. Takacho Yasudago Mega Solar Hatsuden will be responsible for operating the site. Tokyo Century arranged financing, and design and construction was undertaken by Yonden Engineering. The Kyocera Group supplied solar modules as well as peripheral equipment for the installation, and will also carry out maintenance.

Mitsubishi Research Institute, which headed the project and provided consultation, will also undertake administration (asset management) of Takacho Yasudago Mega Solar Hatsuden.

Approximately 100 individuals affiliated with the project, including public officers of Taka Town and local residents, participated in the completion ceremony.

Through this project, Kyocera, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Tokyo Century and Yonden Engineering aim to further promote the use of renewable energy and contribute to the community's revitalization.

The solar plant is located in Taka Town in Japan's Hyogo Prefecture and its main operator is the Takacho Yasudago Mega Solar Hatsuden LLC.

The plant has 56,000 Kyocera solar modules and is expected to generate approximately 16,060MWh of power annually.

The electricity generated will be sold to the local utility (The Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc.) through Japan's feed-in-tariff system.

Source: ANI