Labour Party manifesto leaked : Corbyn plans to re-nationalize rails, Mail

London [U.K.], May 11 : The 42 page election manifesto of the main opposition Labour Party, which is not yet finalised has been leaked, contains policies on nationalising railways and suggests that the party will not leave the European Union without a deal.

A leaked copy of the manifesto also shows that the Labour Party will consider to re-nationalise energy, firms, railways, bus companies and Royal Mail , which was fully privatized at the end of 2015.Labour will also consider to abolish university tuition fees if it wins the general election, The Guardian reports.

The leaked draft copy of the election manifesto rejects a 'no deal' Brexit and abstains from setting out migration targets.The document was drafted by Jeremy Corbyn's policy chief Andrew Fisher.

The Labour Party reportedly criticizes UK Prime Minister Theresa May 's statement that "no Brexit deal is better than a bad deal and sets out to keep some of EU laws and funding in the United Kingdom.

The manifesto is due to be published next week after being finalised on Thursday at a meeting of Labour's National Executive Committee.

The manifesto also contains a pledge to hike taxes for those who earn more than 80,000 pounds a year (roughly (Dollar) 103,491).

The highest salaries in the companies with government contracts would have to be no more than 20 times higher than the lowest ones.

Earlier this week, UK media reported that the ruling Conservative Party, unlike Labour, was likely to maintain its "tens of thousands" immigration target in the new manifesto.

Both parties are gearing up for the general election scheduled for June 8..

Source: ANI