Lamba tries to slap AAP worker, says he abused her

New Delhi, Feb 8 : Amid the ongoing Delhi Assembly elections, Congress candidate from the Chandni Chowk assembly constituency on Saturday tried to slap an AAP worker, saying he abused her in public.

A video of the incident went viral where Lamba was seen throwing a slap at the AAP worker after they had some verbal spat.

Speaking to IANS, Lamba said "A candidate is allowed to meet the official on election duty and is also allowed to go inside the polling station.

When I came out from one of the polling booth, son of an AAP candidate Prahlad Singh Sahni was arguing with the police for going inside, while the police was saying only the candidate can go.

While I was standing there, the AAP worker standing with him abused me."

Lamba said the incident happened in front of the police.

She added that the AAP is targeting her.

Interesting, while Lamba, the Congress candidate, was a former MLA from the seat on an AAP ticket, Sahni had been a MLA from the seat on a Congress ticket.

The two switched parties last year.



Source: IANS