Land preparation of tulip garden on in full swing in Kashmir Valley

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Nov.9 : The land preparation of the tulip garden is on full swing, with new designs aimed to make the next tulip show successful in the Kashmir Valley.

For last few years, the tulip gardens have played a tremendous role in giving a boost to tourism in Jammu and Kashmir.

The authorities, including technical staff gardeners and labourers are on job to make the land of this garden perfect for sowing process of tulip bulbs.

This will be started after the completion of land preparation. "This is the time for land preparation. The season of putting tulip bulbs is here and we will start putting it from November 15. Land preparation plays a great role for tulip garden," said Ishfaq Mir a worker. November is the proper time of the preparation of land for sowing and authorities are always trying to complete all the activities at proper time aimed to get the better results.

"The land preparation is on full swing, this is a basic exercise. The better we will make the layout and will feed the soil; the better will be result of next year. First ye fumigated the entire land with formalin to prevent tulip from diseases. Then we plough the field, check the texture of soil and will add organic manure. We plough it for 5-6 times so that the soil is properly churned. Ten we put the tulip bulbs in it," said Javaid Masoodi, a consultant hired for the Tulip Garden. The Kashmir Valley is known as paradise of earth due to the natural beauty alpine, and dozens of attractive gardens, including tulip gardens which has been established in 2007.

Source: ANI