Latest technological innovations by Japanese firms make life easier

Tokyo [Japan], Apr 19 : In Japan, although washing machines with a drying function have become common, the number of users who set up a separate gas dryer has been increasing.

The product is getting popular among the working couples. Compared to electronic machines, it only takes about one third of the time to dry and has become an indispensable product for families that need to shorten the time spent on housework.

Now, Rinnai is the only household gas dryer manufacture in Japan and the factory is producing in full capacity.

"The production line for domestic market is in front and the one in the back is the production line for overseas exporting.

Gas dryer is a health-conscious product. By exposing clothing to warm air at about 100 Celsius, viruses or bacteria on clothing is removed. Clean clothing is essential for babies and small children," said Deputy General Manager, Rinnai Corporation, Keiichi Itoh.

Family dryers are equipped with deodorizing and static electricity removal functions. The compactness which takes up a minimum amount of space is another important feature. "The durable business type is much appreciated at nursing homes, senior-citizen homes, hospitals, or hair salons," added Keiichi Itoh.

"Now we would like to compare the results of drying with a gas dryer and an electric dryer," added Itoh.

"We will pour water into this washer and start a washing cycle till dewatering. Within the same time, we will compare the results between the electric dryer and the gas dryer. Within the same 30 minutes, the clothing is still wet in the electric type whereas it has turned dry and fluffy in the gas dryer," said Life Creator, Rinnai Corporation, Saki Konishi.

The washing machine is selling well in Korea, China, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Environmental concern has contributed to the sales. "In foreign countries with air-pollution issue, also starting with Southeast Asia which is affected by high levels of humidity, it shows a strong growth in unit sales," added Keiichi Itoh.

With Its 110th anniversary, Daihatsu is always demonstrating its strengths especially in the field of mini cars.

COPEN, the sports car model in the mini car field is gaining popularity. It was designed from the idea that makes the users feel that "Automobiles are Fun." The new frame structure, called the D-Frame is one of the results from this idea.

For ordinary automobiles, the outer body panels also function as the structure and the entire body takes the force exerted to the car.

In contrast, D-Frame is a structure that takes the strength by the frame alone. It is indispensable for sports cars to have features that enhance their strength. Since the D-Frame is able to secure durability by the framework alone, the structure of resin outer panels on top of the framework became possible.

D-Frame has specialties like excellent driving performance and steering stability. It has expanding design freedom by making the body with resin and the interchangeable structure of the outer body panels.

By making the body outer panels interchangeable, changing of the entire body's decoration has become possible.

The user is able to change the shape, design, or aerodynamic characteristics of the car like coordinating clothing to be suitable to his/her lifestyle.

COPEN is changing the relationship between the user and the automobile. At the popular tourist destination Kamakura, Local Base Kamakura has become a unique spot to share information on enjoying automobiles.

"This place is situated as a driver's salon. It doesn't only let COPEN owners get together, it has also become a popular shop for locals with its slogan, "LOVE LOCAL," said store manager, copen local base kamakura, Toru Sato.

Their specialty is not conducting car sales and maintenance. The space has opened a cafe as a common area for people to meet casually. In order to enhance communication with users, regional events have been held. "We hope that even after their purchase, an automobile owner can utilize this space to get connected, obtain information on how to drive the car more properly and establish relationships with other owners.

Since there are a great number of people visiting as a tourist to this area, as a tourism concierge, we provide local information and gather information on tourism events.

We have also prepared useful seasonal information for tourists to let them enjoy the conversation," said Store Manager, Copen Local Base Kamakura, Toru Sato.

Providing unique and user-friendly automobiles, that's why a manufacture can continuously attract users.

Source: ANI