Laura, Mark, AR Rahman to grace the 10th edition- EEMA

New Delhi, [India], Sep 06 : EEMA is celebrating a decade of transformation in the events industry and is hosting the 10TH Edition of EEMAX Global Conclave and Award.

The EEMAX Global Conclave and Awards organized by the country's apex events organization, Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), is to be held from 8th to10th September 2017 in New Delhi.

This prestigious event will mark the celebration of the 10 successful years featuring profound panel discussions, workshops, enthralling performances by prominent artists and experiential elements and presence of high profiled personalities.

The event will witness a host of speakers from across industries, some of the personalities for the sessions includes Vijay Shekhar Sharma, CMD, PayTM; Vikram Sakhuja, CEO, Madison Media; Laura Mackenzie-Stuart, Director-Creative Scotland; Arif Patel, Director, Accor Group; Poonam Kaul, Pepsico: Rishi Jaitly, CEO, Times Bridge and AR Rahman to name a few.

Noteworthy acts like the Haka, a never seen before traditional war dance from the Maori of New Zealand.

EEMAGINE 2017 is scheduled to conclude with the industry's most coveted EEMAX Global awards at the Kingdom of Dreams.

While talking exclusive with ANI, Sabbas Joseph, Director of Wizcraft International and President of EEMA stated about the 10th Edition of EEMA and its journey, he shared "EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association) was started around 10 years ago with a view to being able to bring event management companies which were young who are a part of the flourishing industry together under one banner.

Over the last 10 years, this effort has transformed with into a full-fledged association which today interacts with government, corporate world, artists, production, providers and the entire ecosystem to be able to become the guardian for the event management industry." Sharing about the transformation in the event industry over the years, he said, "The Event management industry over the last couple of decades has grown into becoming the second largest segment of the entertainment business immediately after television.

It is placed in such an aggressive form that it is extremely important for an industry like this to be represented at the highest levels with knowledge to look at how it can benefit the small and various other companies.".

Source: ANI