Let your baby bask in summer’s glory!

New Delhi [India], May 25 : The hot and humid months are here. Brisk winds, sweaty skin and dryness make the weather simply unbearable for adults and kids. While adults can take necessary precautions to protect themselves from the harsh rays of the Sun, babies need to be given special care and protection to beat the summer heat.

As the temperature soars, parents have to take additional care or formulate a special baby care routine to keep their little ones safe and comfortable in the heat.

Here is a lowdown, by Jimmy Kaul, MD and CEO, Shopotox.com, on how to help your teeny-weenies beat the summer heat and stay cool: 1) Dress your baby right: Cotton is the ideal fabric for babies this season.

This will help the skin breathe, as cotton allows sweat to evaporate easily, whereas synthetic outfits can trap heat and foster the growth of bacteria.

If you intend to take your baby out for a walk, then choose long-sleeved, loose-fitting clothes that are comfortable for the child.

Avoid additional layers of clothes for your baby in this season. Also, ensure the clothes are plain without any embellishments such as heavy frills and laces that can irritate your baby's delicate skin.

2) Choose a sun hat for your baby: Your baby needs maximum protection from the scorching heat. Look for wide-brimmed hats that can provide complete protection from the Sun's rays for the face and the back of their neck.

Ensure that the Sun hats are made of soft cool cotton and come with a drawstring. You can look for funky floral or animal prints that can make your baby look more adorable. 3) Use massage oils with care: Body massage for babies has to be done with extreme care. It is equally important to choose the right oils in summer for the desired results. While oil massage is a good idea, choose the one that goes well with your baby's delicate skin. Massage oils if applied and kept for long can block sweat pores and make it harder for the skin to breathe.

Therefore, after massaging the baby, wash the oil in lukewarm water and allow the skin to breathe. 4) Use a summer-friendly baby carrier: In this hot weather, look for baby wraps which are breathable, wick moisture content and dry in a flash.

Linen and cotton fabrics are suitable in this weather. Consider ring slings or breeze wraps, as they are made of light fabrics. 5) Keep your baby hydrated: In this season, babies are prone to a lot of sweating. A baby is dehydrated if she refuses to take milk. Therefore, keep infants below six months hydrated with frequent breastfeeding and formula milk bottles.

Babies older than six months can be offered cool juices or shakes to battle the heat..

Source: ANI