Listen to ”Shotgun’ Sinha, if not us: Nirupam on OROP

Mumbai [India], Nov. 7 : Congress party leader Sanjay Nirupam has said that if the Narendra Modi-led Centre has a reluctance to listen to the opposition, it should at least listen to actor and BJP veteran Shatrughan Sinha on the issue of respecting the nation's armed forces.

"If the government is not listening to us, then at least, they should listen to Shatrughan Sinha. Even people in the government are criticising the actions of the Delhi police. The government needs to be sensitive and understand the pain of our jawans," he said. "The regime is not understanding the reality and, to make them realise, the people in power are making comments that are critical of the actions taken by Delhi government," Nirupam told ANI.

Sinha has, in a series of tweets, criticised the Centre post the suicide of former army soldier Ram Kishan Grewal.

Sinha said the situation in Delhi could have been handled in a better and pragmatic manner. "I wish the Delhi situation after the death of an army veteran was handled in a more mature, proper, practical and fair manner", tweeted Sinha.

Source: ANI