Live heart flown from Vadodra given green corridor in Delhi

New Delhi, Dec 24 : The Delhi Traffic Police on Thursday played an instrumental role in providing green corridor to a human heart after it received an emergent request from AIIMS in which it was informed that a human heart under VAD (Ventricular Assist Device) is being flown from Vadodara to Delhi for a heart transplant surgery by a flight at 2:30 pm at Terminal 2 of IGI airpot for which a fast moving green corridor is required from T-2 to AIIMS to avoid wastage of time.

The traffic police swung into action and immediately deputed officers and a green corridor for the passage of ambulance carrying the 'live heart' was planned.

The traffic inspectors piloted the ambulance through out the route of 18.5 km from T-2 to AIIMS. It took 12 minutes for the heart to reach the destination, which would have otherwise taken anything between 35 and 40 minutes.

"This is the least anyone can do to save a precious life," said Joint CP, Traffic, Manish Kumar Agrawal.



Source: IANS