LJP stages protest against amendment in Liquor bill in Bihar

Patna, July 31, : The Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) staged a protest here today against the proposed amendment to Bihar Prohibition and Excise Bill, 2016, by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

According to the recent proposed amendment by the state government, all the adult members of a family will be put behind bars, if liquor is found from their house irrespective of who consumes it.

The LJP members agitated in the state capital and demanded that the Chief Minister take back the proposed amendment.

"We want Nitish Kumar to answer that if liquor is found from any of his party members' house then will Nitish kumar be also sent to jail.

We want him to take the bill back as they have forced it on people, this despotism will not work in Bihar," said one of the protestors.

The Nitish Kumar-led Government prohibited liquor in Bihar earlier this year. They circulated the amended bill in the legislative assembly yesterday..

Source: ANI