Lucknow’s ‘Clinton’ village cheers for Hillary, wishes her good luck

Lucknow, July 30 : Jabrouli village in Lucknow, which shot to global fame after former U.S. president Bill Clinton's visit in 2014, has come together to wish his wife Hillary "all the best" in her campaign to become the next president of the United States of America.

The villagers are now hoping that if Hillary becomes President, she will visit their village like her husband, and their village will also develop and they will get world-class facilities.

The villagers have started praying for Clinton's victory and celebrations have also begun, as they were distributing 'ladoos' among each other saying "all the best" to the Democratic presidential candidate Clinton, who has been pitched against Republican nominee Donald Trump .

Locals were seen standing in large numbers holding posters sporting her face and chanting her name. Two years ago, in July 2014, when the former U.S. president had visited Jabrauli village in Mohanlalganj, Clinton had initiated a health scheme there. Everyone in the village was ecstatic as an international leader chose Jabrauli. His visit gave Jabrauli a gleaming name across the globe as a 'special' village..

Source: ANI