Macau sees healthy growth in Indian tourists

New Delhi [India], May 8 : With its varied offering, Macau keeps attracting increasing number of Indians.

Visitor arrivals hit 370,000 during 1st May Labor Day holidays, up by 6.7% year-on-year As a destination, Macau promises various offerings right from sightseeing, shows and entertainment, event and festivities all year round and is also known for its luxury experiences due to which there have seen a substantial growth in Indian arrivals in past years.

Macau is now recognized as a prominent destination for India with its unique culture, family attractions, entertaining shows, grandeur and more.

India stands at the top 10 list as the important source country market for Macau. There have been around 80-85 per cent of Indian arrivals in Macau consisting of leisure travelers, making India an important market for Macau to promote its luxury offerings as well.

Having hosted nearly two lakhs Indian visitors last year, Macau is expected to see a continued growth in tourism from the subcontinent over the next year.

According to records provided by the Public Security Police Force, Macau registered over 375,000 visitor arrivals (excluding non-resident employees and students) during the 1st May Labor Day holidays (April 29 - May 1), a rise of 6.7% over the corresponding three-day holidays of last year.

Over 338,000 visitors came from the Greater China markets, up by 5.5% in total. Visitor arrivals from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan increased by 5%, 7.5% and 5.1% respectively, whereas other markets registered a double-digit growth of 18.9%.

Industry figures reveal that hotel establishments (hotels and guest houses) in Macau registered an average occupancy rate of 94.5% during the 1st May Labor Day holidays, a year-on-year increase of 2.6 percentage points.

The average room rate of hotel establishments (hotels and guest houses) in Macau during the three-day holidays reached 1,700 patacas approximately, slightly up by 1.2%.

Best known as the city of blended cultures, Macau is a mecca of leisure and glitz with various attractions like the magnificent heritages, Museums, Galleries, Churches, Temples, Gardens and Fortresses along with numerous Shows (and) Entertainment, festivities and many large-scale international events happening throughout the year.

Below are some major attraction, events and activities of Macau for this summer: . International Museum Day on 18th May 2017 . Dragon Boat Festival . Mandarin's House-wacky colonial heritage . RUINS OF ST. PAUL'S . The Friendship Bridge . Macau Tower among others.

Source: ANI