Madhes protest: Nepal Govt. to compensate victims’ families

Kathmandu, Aug. 18 : Nepal's Cabinet on Thursday decided to provide Rs. one million each to the families of those who died during the month-long anti-Constitution protest in the country's Tarai-Madhes region.

Fifty-two victims, including 10 security personnel, will be given the amount, reports the Himalayan Times.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal-led government has also formed a high-level commission to investigate into violent incidents which occurred during the protests.

The commission is headed by former Supreme Court Justice Girish Chanda Lal. In September last year, the Madhesis based in the Tarai lowlands launched the strike forcing major political parties to amend the new charter and give them a greater role in the power structure.

The four-month-old blockade along a major trading point with India was called off after the ethnic community said it didn't want ordinary people to suffer anymore.

Source: ANI