Madhesi leaders likely join new government

Kathmandu, July 30 : Some Madhesi leaders have hinted that there could be a possibility of joining the new government if the Nepali Congress(NC) and the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Centre(CPN-MC) makes a written commitment in addressing their demands pertaining to the Constitution.

The Madhesi leaders said they would join the government if both the parties forward a concrete proposal for resolving the Tarai crisis.

Sadbhawana Party chairman Rajendra Mahato confirmed that the agitating parties would support the new government after seeing their proposal.

"They have not yet approached us seeking our support for a new government," the Kathmandu Post quoted Mahato as saying.

Mahato made the statement at a conference on Friday. He added that they would seek a clear position of the NC and the Maoists on their 11-point demand that includes revision of the federal boundaries.

Few leaders say that the prospect of joining the NC-Maoist Centre alliance gives them a credible assurance for fulfillment of their demands.

Sanghiya Gathabandhan, an alliance of Madhesi and Janajati parties protesting against the constitution, this week said it would take appropriate decision on joining the government at the right time.

Source: ANI