Maha developments: E-commerce site chatbot offers assistance

New Delhi, Nov 25 : As fast-paced political developments in Maharashtra continue to engage the attention of Twitter users, an innocuous tweet by a woman user got a chatbot of an e-commerce site involved, with an amusing result.

The user wrote: "BJP should not need more time.

Party has been claiming 170 plus MLAs' support".

In reply, another user wrote: "Orders placed on Amazon but delivery not happening".

Twitter handle @AmazonHelp wrote in response: "Apologies for any unpleasant experience you had with regard to the delivery of your orders.

Could you please elaborate on your concern? We would be glad to assist you."

Several Twitter users were amused and posted laughter emojis.

One wrote: "He ordered horses, did you deliver MLAs instead??"

Another tagged @AmazonHelp and commented:

"Stop auto reply...."



Source: IANS