Maharashtra sends medical team to Kerala, hawkers donations

Mumbai, Aug 20 : A team of 81 doctors from Mumbai and Pune left by an Air India flight on Monday with medical relief supplies to help the flood victims in Kerala, an official said here.

The team comprises 55 doctors from Sir J.J.

Hospital, Mumbai and 26 from Sassoon Hospital (Pune), said Medical Education Minister Girish Mahajan.

They will join other medical teams from across the state who are serving the people of Kerala amidst apprehensions of outbreak of diseases as the flood waters start receding.

Meanwhile, through efforts of various organisations coordinated by the state government, another five tonnes of relief supplies including food packs, milk powder, blankets, bedsheets, clothes, soaps and sanitary napkins will be sent to Kerala on Monday.

This is in addition to over 30 tonne already sent during the past two days besides a cash donation of Rs 20 crore from the state government.

Navi Mumbai's Kerala Bhavan has collected 200 tonnes of materials of which 150 tonne has been dispatched through Indian Navy, Indian Coast Guard and RoRo vessels.

A group of 20 persons from Saudi Arabia landed in Mumbai as the Kochi Airport is still closed and they have been given shelter in Kerala Bhavan.

A group of Mumbai-born Kerala youths in Powai have launched coordination efforts between various relief agencies, organizing transport and other logistics, identifying the required materials to be sent to Kerala and related issues to streamline the aid pouring in from various sources, said one of the coordinators Pradeep Menon.

A charity show with top Keralite artistes and others in Bollywood is being planned soon after monsoon to raise funds specifically for the poor and displaced flood victims to be handed over to Kerala CM's Distress Relief Fund, Menon said.

Several hundred of members of Azad Hawkers Union, Mira Road (Thane) led by the president Dayashankar Singh, have donated voluntarily over one tonne of relief materials which will be dispatched to Kerala through the Ayappa Swami Temple Trust here.

A large number of Mumbaikars are also contributing to various pick-up points started in Mumbai, suburbs and adjacent districts for relief materials for onward dispatch to Kerala.



Source: IANS