Mahesh Bhatt ‘did cartwheels all night’ post Alia’s win at Filmfare

New Delhi [India], Jan. 16 : Alia Bhatt came alone to receive the Filmfare Award for the best actress but her family was all excited back home as her proud daddy Mahesh Bhatt did cartwheels the entire night.

Soon after Alia won the best actress for her terrific performance in 'Udta Punjab', her father Mahesh Bhatt, who was not present at the award ceremony, was so happy that he posted on WhatsApp family group that "he was excitedly doing cartwheels all night", reports Mumbai Mirror.

To express this proud moment, he posted a picture of his baby girl next with her trophy and captioned it, "Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless." Stating that her father doesn't attend all award functions, the 23-year-old said, "Even though he was not there in person, he was there in spirit.

He had asked my manager, Grishma, to put her cellphone on speaker if I won and texted me later, saying he loved my speech." "When I wondered how he had heard it, I learnt this.

Dad later posted on our WhatsApp family group that he was excitedly doing cartwheels all night," she gushed.

Source: ANI