Mainpuri: woman brutally beaten for resisting molestation

Mainpuri (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Dec. 22: Uttar Pradesh police has arrested a man for brutally beating a woman in a market place for resisting molestation.

A case has been registered at Kishani area police station in Mainpuri against the three miscreants. One of the suspects, Anand Yadav, has been arrested. A special team has been made to nab the remaining two culprits. "I was asking a few persons about Ajay's shop, but they said that come inside with us, we will tell you.

I asked him to talk with respect. But he started abusing us and started fighting. The person used a stick to beat my husband, but hit me instead," the victim said. Superintendant of Police Sunil Saxena said, "We have registered the case and after that the medical checkup was done.

We have taken the preventive action by arresting the accused. The accused was arrested within hours of the incident and after that a special team has been made to arrest the remaining culprits.

We have made a team which includes the surveillance team and sub-inspectors. I am monitoring that; soon we will complete the remaining proceedings.".

Source: ANI