Man survives surgery extracting 40 knives from his stomach!

Amritsar, Aug 20 : In what may send shivers down your body, a man from Punjab's Amritsar city has been found with an unusual habit of consuming knives.

Surjeet Singh, a policeman by profession, told ANI that he had swallowed at least 28 knives in the last two months.

What is more surprising is the fact is that he is still alive after 40 knives were taken out from his stomach in an extreme operation.

Dr Jitendra Malhotra, MD of Corporate Hospital told ANI that a patient of about 40-45 years of age went to them complaining about stomach-ache and weight-loss.

"We had no information about his diagnosis. When we started with the diagnosis and the lab investigations, we came to know that it is not a routine case.

Later on we did his ultrasound where we found out that there is some solid object inside his stomach having the shape of a cancer," he said.

"When we conducted a biopsy, we found out that there were some pointed, sharp knife like objects inside his stomach.

The patient told us that he suffered from an uncontrollable urge to consume knives," he added. Dr Malhotra further said that they constituted a team of five doctors and successfully carried out the surgery which went on for about five hours.

"To ensure that there are no knives left, we did a metallic scan. What is astonishing is the fact is that the patient was eating the knives for last two months," he said.

Singh, however, said that he is feeling fine and healthy after the operation..

Source: ANI