Manipal Hospitals has launched Manipal Hospital Whitefield (MHW)

New Delhi [India], Jan 30 (ANI-NewsVoir): The renowned Manipal Hospitals Network has launched Manipal Hospital Whitefield (MHW) in order to provide the services of qualified and experienced medical professionals to the residents of Whitefield and neighbouring areas.

Manipal Hospital Whitefield is not restricted by locality as it has been designed to cater a digitized medical experience to its patrons.

Patients can now book appointments, pay bills and access their medical reports online. All procedures have been streamlined in order to provide a user-friendly experience. Covering a complete range of preventive and curative care and with a capacity for 280 beds, Manipal Hospital Whitefield is truly a multi-specialty medical service provider.

The hospital is equipped with cutting edge healthcare technology and world-class infrastructure in order to provide top notch emergency, recovery and rehabilitative care.

The Hospital has a team of 95 doctors across 37 specialties ranging from basic ENT to super specialized Onco treatment.

Manipal Hospital Whitefield's team of experienced medical professionals are efficiently assisted by a dedicated and well trained staff of nurses and paramedics in order to provide comprehensive and reliable medical care to patients.

Manipal Hospital Whitefield's diverse resources include all tertiary care specialists as well as a round-the-clock laboratory and pharmacy services.

The Hospital also has six fully equipped operating theatres and a separate 'Woman and Child' wing as well as five categories of wards to provide different rehabilitation options for patients.

Manipal Hospitals Whitefield's digital features mean that the process of consulting a doctor is now far easier.

Booking appointments with your chosen specialist, paying medical fees and collating all your medical records, can all be performed online in a user-friendly fashion on the Manipal Hospital Whitefield's website.

The online book an appointment feature ensures that there is less waiting time. The patient can now book their appointments hassle free and at their convenience. The online payment feature means that there is no longer any need to carry cash or search for ATMs in the vicinity.

Now all payments can be made instantly with a click of the button. The online medical records feature enables one to access all their past medical records in one place. Thus there is no need to undergo the hassle of carrying around past health records to the doctor's appointment.

All records can be accessed digitally without any physical paperwork. Manipal Hospital Whitefield is truly a state of the art health care facility. The hospital's experienced medical team combined with cutting edge healthcare technology give you a professional standard of service.

The Hospital's new digital features further ensure that these services are at your convenience. (ANI-NewsVoir).

Source: ANI