Mann demands PM Modi’s suspension, alleges political conspiracy

New Delhi, July 25 : AAP MP Bhagwant Mann on Monday attempted to downplay the controversy surrounding his move to live-stream his arrival at the Parliament last week and demanded Prime Minister Narendra Modi's expulsion for compromising on natural security with the decision to allow Pakistan's security agency inside the country post the Pathankot airbase attack.

Extremely upset with the flurry of criticism against him by the opposition parties, Mann said that this was a political conspiracy aimed at maligning the AAP's reputation ahead of the Punjab Assembly polls.

Elucidating his intention behind making the video, Mann said that he just wanted to make the people of the nation aware that how their grievances are picked up for discussion in the Parliament.

" I would like to ask wasn't the nation's security put on stake when Pakistan's security agency came and Prime Minister Narendra Modi allowed them inside the Pathankot base.

Prime Minister Modi should also be asked to appear before a committee, he should also be suspended from the Parliament.

This one sided proceedings is part of a political conspiracy. These parties are scared because the AAP will get majority in the upcoming Punjab polls," said Mann. "I have told this earlier as well that I never wanted to jeopardise Parliament's security. I just wanted to make an educational video. I wanted to make the people aware that how their grievances are selected through lucky draw. Since the people have elected us, so it is their right to know how are issues selected in the House. But I believe my apology was not enough that's why I got suspended. This means that I will not be able to take up the issues of the people in the ongoing session," he added.

Mann has been told not to attend the Lok Sabha till a decision is made about how he should be penalised.

According to reports, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan has advised Mann to stay away from the House for the time being.

Mann had submitted an unconditional apology to the Lok Sabha Speaker which she said was not enough. A nine-member committee will now investigate the incident. The enquiry committee has been asked to file its report by August 3 and Mann has been asked to make a statement at 10:30 a.m.

tomorrow. The AAAP MP last week filmed a video clip of his journey from his residence to Parliament House and shared it on social media.

The video, showing various high security areas in Parliament, put the security of Parliament "in peril", Mahajan said earlier.

There was uproar in the Parliament over the video and MPs called for strict action against the AAP MP.