Marijuana, condoms, homelessness and things US will vote for

London [UK], Nov. 8 : With the big Election Day approaching, a number of issues on the ballot, including efforts to legalize marijuana, tighten gun control laws and require porn actors in California to wear condoms during filming, would take the centre-stage as the US voters chose their candidates for the coveted White House.

There are more than 150 statewide measures on the ballot on November 8 and scores more city- and countywide initiatives for the voters to decide on, reports the Guardian.

Marijuana is a major issue people will vote for on Tuesday. California, Arizona and Nevada will vote on whether to join Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Alaska in legalizing recreational marijuana use meanwhile, Maine and Massachusetts will also vote on recreational marijuana measures.

Four other states will vote on whether to join the 25 states that have legalized medical marijuana. Another issue that featured on the ballot list is condoms for pornographic actors. A proposition in California would require pornography performers to wear condoms during film shoots, a proposal broadly opposed by the performers, who argue that industry testing protocols keep them safe and that a government mandate would push production underground.

A proposition in California also calls for a ban on plastic shopping bags. Voters in four states will vote on whether to enact tougher gun laws. A proposition in California would require background checks for ammunition purchases and a large-capacity ammunition ban.

Maine and Nevada would require background checks on gun sales while voters in Washington will vote on a measure that would authorize the courts to remove individuals' access to guns through the issuance of extreme risk protection orders.

Many west coast cities are facing the crisis of homelessness and some are taking to the ballot to try to make a difference.

Los Angeles is hoping to make a USD 1.2 billion investment over 10 years in support of housing units and programs through the issuance of bonds while San Francisco has a ballot measure that would outlaw the tents that many homeless people sleep in.

A group of tech billionaires have even donated USD 49,999 each to the anti-tent campaign. On Election Day, voters will also choose between executing them more quickly or mandating that they die of other causes in prison.

Meanwhile, Nebraska will vote on whether to reinstate the death penalty, which was repealed by the state legislature in 2015.

Oklahoma is also voting on the death penalty - to reaffirm the state's commitment to it. Arizona, Colorado, Maine and Washington will vote on whether to increase minimum wages above the USD 7.25 federal rate while South Dakota will vote on whether to lower the minimum wage for workers under the age of 18.

In November 2014, South Dakotans voted to increase the minimum wage from USD 7.25 to USD 8.50 with an annual cost-of-living increase.

State legislators then decided to pass a law taking away the wage increase for the youth under 18..

Source: ANI