Mark Taylor backs four-day Tests, says it’ll `add appeal to the game`

London [UK], Nov. 1 : Former Australian skipper Mark Taylor has backed the idea of introduction of four-day Tests, saying the concept would only "add to the appeal of the game." "It'll only add to the appeal of the game, make it a bit shorter and a bit faster.

That's what people of this generation want to see," Taylor was quoted as saying by the Guardian. "You've got one less day to win, lose or draw a game, so it does force captains and players to be a little bit more aggressive in their thinking," he added.

The 1014-Test veteran also said that the idea would appease traditionalists like himself, who enjoy the nuances of a protracted battle, as well as new fans who prefer the crash-and-bash of limited overs.

The concept of four-day Tests was first floated with the International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2003. In order to keep the oldest format of the game more exciting between the fans amid declining global interest partly due to greater competition with Twenty20, the inaugural day-night Test took place between Australia and New Zealand at the Adelaide Oval last year, which went on to pull record number of crowds and huge television viewership.

The former Australian skipper believes Day/Night Test is only one way to make the game more viewer-friendly.

"The numbers around the world are dying in some countries. That's why I think we have got to have the stuff like the day-night Test matches and ... start thinking seriously about having four-day games of Test cricket," Taylor said. Taylor's former teammate and legendary spinner Shane Warne has also expressed concerns over the state of the longest version of the game, saying Test cricket is "becoming boring for the fans." Warne took to Twitter to say, "Should we just leave test cricket as it is (and) hope people start watching again? It's very sad, but Test cricket is becoming boring for the fans." "Test cricket needs - Promotion, more attacking cricket from the captains, pitches need to spin or seam, not flat (and) players need to entertain," he added.

Source: ANI