Mass movement against dengue only solution: Kejriwal

New Delhi, Sep 9 : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday said the involvement of people is the only solution to check and control dengue cases in the city.

Speaking at a public event, Kejriwal said experts had told the government that the dengue mosquito operates in a cycle and we should be prepared for a spike in cases.

"But the collective efforts by the people of Delhi did not let that happen last year.

This year too, we have to inspect our houses for accumulation of stagnant water that becomes a place for mosquitoes to breed."

He said when the AAP came to power in 2015, there were 15,000 cases of dengue in Delhi.

"There was chaos all over, I was travelling non-stop from one stop to another. 60 deaths were reported that year. After four years of our government, only 2,700 cases have been recorded in 2018," he said.

Kejriwal on September 1 started the campaign urging people to inspect their homes for 10 minutes for 10 Sundays at 10 in the morning.



Source: IANS