Match made on camera

New Delhi, Sep 24 (IANSlife) Not all matches are made in heaven. Many nowadays, are also made on the camera... with a calculative eye on the number of likes they would garner on the social media. Even if you're not fussy kinds, it's important to know the latest pre-wedding shoot trends, if you're planning to get hitched any time soon and simply want to make memories for life.

Catch the quirks: You can be as quirky and fun as you and your partner are okay with.

Being quirky is the never-ending trend and it will never go out of fashion.

Prop it up: Props add as much fun to your love story as frames.

Under the night sky: A routine love story becomes mesmerizing when created under the twinkling sky.

Try full moon nights when the sky is swamped with stars.

Traverse the city: A couple exploring a city, especially if they have not seen it, can be exciting even from the travel point of view.

On a picnic: A picnic with just the two of you can be fun.

Get photographed while you're chit-chatting, enjoying food and enjoying some relaxed moments.

Pet project: Clicks with pet can get you two the maximum number of 'likes'.

Go boating: Boat rides look romantic in movies.

So why not create those lovely memories with your partner?

Shrink 'em up: A hilarious new trend.

Miniature photography allows a couple to create some imaginatively thought real time pictures of themselves that also look amusing.

Smoke bomb blasts: Smoke bombs are not just for birthday parties.

They now add colour to pre-wedding shoots as well.

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Source: IANS