Matt LeBlanc joins ‘Man With a Plan’ so he could play “a family guy”

Washington D.C. [USA], Oct. 25 : Matt LeBlanc, who is best known for playing Joey Tribbiani in 'Friends' recently opened up about his reasons for joining the new family comedy 'Man With a Plan'.

In an interview with the Entertainment Weekly, the 49-year-old star revealed, "When I met with [series creators Jackie and Jeff Filgo] I had an idea that I wanted to play a family guy.

I haven't done that before. I'm almost 50. It seems like the right time to shift gears into that." Comparing the nature of work on the sets of 'Episodes' and 'Friends', Le Blanc said that he missed doing multi-camera projects onscreen.

"I miss working, so I wanted to have more work. I really enjoy doing multi-camera. The schedule is good if you have kids. I'm home for dinner every night. I can help my daughter with her homework," he said. "Episodes was a lot of fun, but that was single camera, so now coming back and doing a multicamera show in front of an audience-in a way I feel like I'm home again.I took about five years off prior to doing Episodes," he added. The first episode of the CBS television series premiered on October 24, 2016..

Source: ANI