May not go quietly into the night if I lose: Trump

London [UK], Nov. 9 : US presidency hopeful Donald Trump has in another fierce statement declared that he will not go quietly into the night if the poll results are against him.

In an interview on Tuesday, Trump said, "I'll have to see under what circumstances. I want everything to be really, really smooth and really, really good. I understand the importance of that. I was very good in history. It's largely a rigged system and you see it at the polling booths too." He added that "hopefully" he won't be put in a position where he'll feel the need to contest the election, reports the Guardian.

"Hopefully we will win but we're going to see how they play out and I want to see everything honest. If you look at Philadelphia, if you look at St. Louis, if you look at Chicago. President Obama eight years ago was quoted as saying essentially that it is as corrupt as can be, the polling booths in Chicago," he said.

He alleged that according to some reports when people vote for Republicans the entire ticket switches over to Democrats.

"In other words, the machines you put down a Republican and it registers as a Democrat. They've had a lot of complaints about that today. You have to be careful we have to see what it is," he said. In his last presidential debate in October, Trump refused to say if he will accept the U.S. election's results if he loses. "I will look at it, at the time," Trump said at the time, as he accused the media of being dishonest and helping rig the election against him.

"They've poisoned the minds of the voters, but unfortunately for them I think the voters are seeing through it," he said.

Source: ANI