Men bargain better than women: Study

New Delhi [India], May 29 : Busting the age old myth, a survey says that better bargainers than women.

The survey by My Luxury Bargain, online market place for buying and selling luxury items, had 600 men and 600 women between the age of 21 to 45, from Tier I and Tier II of Delhi (NCR), Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Surat.

Here's the detailed outcome of the research: # Who is a smart shopper? 78 percent men buy 2-3 products together and negotiate for a bulk discount, whereas, 22 percent women who buy 2 -3 products together and negotiate for a bulk discount # Whose favourite is Louis Vuitton? A total of 330 offers were made by prospective buyers to sellers of Louis Vuitton handbags in India, of which, 72 percent offers were made by men and 28 percent were made by women.

Men have shown a considerable amount of interest in purchasing Louis Vuitton handbags online as compared to women.

# Who researches more? Before buying an item, 63 percent of men do an extensive research. They compare the price of the same item on various pre-owned luxury websites in India and abroad. Whereas, 37 percent women compare the price of the same item on various pre-owned luxury websites in India and abroad.

# Who is more shopaholic? 70 percent of male luxury designer accessories like ties, wallets, belts and bags for men were sold in the last quarter; compared to 30 percent of female luxury designer accessories like handbags, scarfs, vintage jewelry, and accessories.

On an average male luxury designer accessories sell within 12 days of listing on the marketplace, whereas female luxury designer accessories take a considerable longer time.

# Who window shops more? Data compiled through Google analytics showed that although 68 percent of visitors on the website were women and 32 percent were men; what is interesting is that men spent more than three minutes on the website while women spent a little over 1.5 minutes.

Clearly, Indian men have enjoyed window shopping luxury fashion a little more than the women have. # Who spends more? This hands down was won by women. Out of the total amount splurged by customers on the website; 77 percent was spent by women and 23 percent by men.

# Who comes back to the marketplace again to check out new items? Out of all the customers who visited the website again, 54 percent were men and 46 percent were women.

Source: ANI