Minimalist, miniature designs: Tattoo trend for 2018

New Delhi, Jan 24 : Less is more is the phrase that tattoo lovers are adhering to and opting for. Minimalist, miniature designs to geometric and small animal designs are some of the creatives in demand this year, say tattoo experts.

Tattoo artistes Vikas Malani and Sudhir Rao have listed the trend this year:

* Minimalist: Often, it's the minuscule and subtle tattoos that have a great effect.

They don't immediately grab your attention when you meet someone, so the surprise is even greater when such a small tattoo peeks out from somewhere.

Individuals also take to small tattoos to put across a certain powerful message at times.

* Geometric: Alongwith minimalist tattoos, we are seeing a lot of mandalas and geometric patterns that people look at getting done.

Geometric tattoo form is going to see a surge this year. Geometric tattoo is the visualisation of balance, perfection, symmetry and harmony.

A geometric tattoo should be flawless which is why it is important to find a skilled tattoo artiste who would be able to fulfil your fantasy.

Geometric tattoos not only include circles and squares; artistes can transform wolf/feather/ your zodiac sign or flower in geometric form and still awe people.

Mandala and geometric tattoo designs are sacred and fall into the category of spiritual tattoos as they have a deeper meaning,which make them very different from the rest.

Tattoo trends may come and go, but these type of tattoos are here to stay.

* Gemstone: From diamonds to emeralds, there are all types of jewel tattoos for women to adore.

If you are going for blue gem then it signifies serenity, love and affection. They can be given a three dimensional realistic effect to make them look real and shiny. These type of tattoos can also be juxtaposed with other art forms like mandala for a unique design.

* Animals: These tattoos are symbolic, personal and have a strong meaning .Those who opt for animal tattoos commonly select an animal design that represents a quality that the person herself/himself believes in.

A peacock represents beauty, pride and dignity, a cat stands for mystery, power, femininity and a lion denotes leadership and strength.

If you want to get unique animal tattoos, you can try geometric animal tattoos as well.

* Plant stencil: The plants and flowers are directly dipped into the stencil ink, instead of using hand drawn stencils to make the design.

Then the tattoos are done along the lines of the plant's stencil followed by shading -- thereby creating a realistic version of the plant.



Source: IANS