Modi retweets post to promote tourism

New Delhi, Dec 2 : A tweet by a magazine publisher about his team's road trip from Bengaluru to Varanasi was retweeted on Monday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote tourism in the country.

The original post got 644 retweets and 2,000 likes on Twitter.

The post had a picture of the user along with a map of the route they travelled on.

"We covered approximately 2,000 km by road and visited over 15 places of great historical and cultural importance," the tweet said.

The user also posted pictures of their visits to various places en route and said: "Our plan was quite ambitious -- to try and see so much of India in so short a time was quite a challenge.

"We saw places of great natural beauty, places of learning, centres of architecture and even prehistoric art in rock shelters."

Retweeting the post, the Prime Minister wrote on @narendramodi: "Do have a look at this thread.

It will surely motivate you to pack your bags and travel across India!"

Twitter users praised the post and mentioned that it had been retweeted by the Prime Minister.

Others offered suggestions for future travels.



Source: IANS