Modi to dedicate highway and other projects in Varanasi on Monday

New Delhi, Nov 10 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said he will be visiting Varanasi on Monday to inaugurate development projects that will have a transformative impact on the city and Uttar Pradesh.

"I look forward to being in Kashi to inaugurate development projects that will have a transformative impact on the city and the rest of Uttar Pradesh, especially Poorvanchal," Modi said in a series of tweets.

"Kashi has blessed me with unparalleled affection.

I am doing everything possible to transform the ancient city and strengthen it with the modern infrastructure it deserves.

"A major infrastructure project, which will enhance 'Ease of Living' for the people of Varanasi," the Prime MInister said.

The government in an official release said that Modi will on Monday dedicate to the nation two important national highways in Varanasi, having a total length of 34 km built at a cost of Rs 1571.95 crore.

It said that the 16.55 km Varanasi Ring Road Phase-I has been completed at a cost of Rs 759.36 crore, while the work of four-laning and construction of 17.25 km Babatput-Varanasi road on NH-56 has cost Rs 812.59 crore.

According to the release, the Babatpur Airport highway will link Varanasi to the airport and extend to Jaunpur, Sultanpur and Lucknow.

"With a flyover at Harhua and an road over bridge (ROB) at Tarna, the road will reduce the travel time from Varanasi to the airport and will prove a big relief to the residents, tourists and other visitors," it said.

The Ring Road, with two ROBs and a flyover, will provide a way for traffic on NH 56 (Lucknow-Varanasi), NH 233 (Azamgarh-Varanasi), NH 29 (Gorakhpur-Varanasi) and Ayodhya-Varanasi highways to bypass Varanasi city, thereby reducing traffic congestion in the city.

According to the release, these projects will also provide employment opportunities and development of small and medium industries in the area.

Currently there are 2,833 km of National Highway projects costing Rs 63,885 crore underway to link Varanasi to other places in Eastern Uttar Pradesh.

During his visit, Modi will also dedicate the newly constructed Multi-Modal Terminal on River Ganga to the nation.

"This is the first of the four multi-modal terminals being constructed on NW-I (River Ganga) as part of the World Bank-aided Jal Marg Vikas project of the Inland Waterways Authority of India," it said.

The Prime Minister will also receive India's first container vessel that sailed from Kolkata.

"This consignment containing food and beverage set sail from Kolkata in the last week of October," it said.



Source: IANS