Modi went to China but didn’t discuss Doklam issue: Rahul

London, Aug 26 : Reiterating that Chinese troops are still there in Doklam, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said he went to China in June but did not discuss the Doklam issue with the Chinese leaders.

Gandhi, however, refused to reveal information about the discussion that took place at the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, headed by Congress MP Shashi Tharoor, which discussed the Doklam issue.

"Chinese troops are still in Doklam.

You do realise that the Chinese have built massive infrastructures in Doklam. The Prime Minister went recently to China and didn't discuss Doklam with them, didn't discuss the infrastructure they built, didn't discuss the incursion," Gandhi said here on Saturday while interacting with the Indian Journalists' Association, when asked about the Doklam issue.

"He had what was called a conversation without agenda.

Somebody comes here, slaps you on your face and you have a non-agenda conversation. That's interesting," Gandhi said.

Asked about the Doklam report in the Parliamentary committee, Gandhi said: "It is a tricky question..I can't say. I am bound by Parliamentary privilege. I can't say what was in the report.

"But I can say that we had a conversation with the foreign secretary and the defence secretary on Doklam.

And what was said in that room, cannot be said outside," he added.



Source: IANS